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Reviews of iCope on goodreads

“I recommend that everyone read this book. We all have stressors both good and bad and dealing with them is something everyone must do to be happy and productive. The information is well researched and presented.”
“This book helped me to be more positive, realize no one is perfect, and manage anxiety. It is nice to know I have a book to look at when I feel stressed!”
“It is very useful – – easily readable, providing awareness & understanding of stress-related issues, strategies for coping…..”
“This book was extremely informative, easy to read, and useful because it served as both an educational book when it came to understanding the concepts of stress and resilience, as well as an aid for learning how to manage my own stress and build resilience in my personal life. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to improve their coping skills.”
“This book does a great job at informing the reader of fundamentals in a clear and concise manner, gives exercises for the reader to complete, and gives the reader methods to help with stress in its various forms. I especially liked the supplemental appendices in the back that address specific audiences and/or issues. This is all accomplished in an easy to read style and a manageable quantity of content.”